Reset Password (NDS password will be sent together with the membership card)

1) [NDS login page]
Click on << Forgot your password? >>

2) [Reset password page]
Enter your Member ID and your registered email address.

3) [NDS Reset password]
Password reset information as shown below will be sent to your registered email address. Please click the URL provided to reset password.

4) [Reset password (Confirmation of Member information)]
A URL for password reset will be sent to your registered email address. When accessing the URL, screen as shown below will be displayed. Please enter your login ID, name and the date of birth, then click the <<Submit>> button.

* The information which you have entered should be the same as your registered information. Ensure that the first letter of your given name, middle name, and family name are capitalized. Company names should also be the same as the registered information.
5) [Reset password]
Please enter new password. Do not copy and paste the password for the second input.

6) [Password reset completed]
If this page appears, your password has been reset.